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The ultimate trading system for penny stock alerts

Does trading penny stocks offer a way to wealth, or is it all scam? The astonishing answer is yes — to both questions! There is a long debate about the pros and cons of penny stock picking, but here is the short conclusion, a strangely simple trading system: Small cap stocks have often a huge […]

The trend scalper

This site is about true or real trends. There are two types of chart formations that look like trends. Both are trends, but only for the chartist. Beyond that they are different. One has a reason, a driving force, and the other got just created by random market forces. If a trend has emerged just […]

The Zen trader

Our standard method, the trend trading system, is all about trends. It even concentrates on the best of them. Trading like a Zen master is almost the opposite of trend riding. Essentially the Zen trader is going to bottom fish for the momentum stock. Sounds really like Zen… The fishing grounds are the small cap […]

The art of trend trading

Trend trading is easy. Wrong. It looks only to be easy in hindsight. If done right, it can be very lucrative. You can also do it wrong and then it is the opposite. One basic element for all kinds of trend trading is the stop loss. The advanced trend trader tries to enter the steepest […]

The secrets of trend trading

Is there a secret to trading or are there even many secrets? Or is there no secret at all? Naturally this is a difficult question. If the answer were known, the question wouldn’t deal with secrets. So, we have here a conundrum without a definitive answer. It is more a question with various viewpoints as […]

Zen Trade – Riding the monster wave

One of Zen Trader’s main operations is trading of investments. Yes, we are investotraders. For that we have a blog dedicated to finding special market situations. It is called: Tools and Systems TT stands for Zen Trade or alternatively for trend trading. Trading system? Right, for trading you need a system, and we have quite […]

How to build capital to trade

A trader may face a severe problem at the start of his career. There is capital necessary. Without capital the best trading systems, including ours, have just entertainment value. By the way, our trading systems are really entertaining. Just subscribe to our blog, and you will see what I mean. To overcome this modern hen […]

From nothing to something and beyond

The path to your first million exists and astonishingly it is only at the beginning stony. Important is to have a system that works and someone leading you to the right way. Step 1: From less than nothing to nothing There are methods that work outrageously well and a few people bring in rich harvests […]

Zen trading is Momo trading

While Zen trading sounds like riding a silent breeze, the faster the wind blows, the better the trades are. Zen trading is essentially momo trading! And the fusion is Zen trading. Why this strange combination? It is not strange! Zen trading means trading relaxed and momo trading means also being relaxed, after you entered successfully […]

The trend from debt to wealth

Welcome to the Zen Trade project, which is a money making operation — for you and us! Zen Trade bears two meanings: It denotes the financial development of an individual — YOU — from debt to wealth. The Zen has here just the meaning of this trend being somewhat significant for you personally. Zen Trade […]

Our standard trend trading systems

What can grow money better than investing directly into a rising price? Right, there is only one fast track – the trend! There are two ingredients for successful trend trading. Only this combination paves the way for the trend trader: A source of selected market chances. The right preselection drastically improves the outcome. Trading is […]

Penny stock scams

The smaller the float of a stock is the lower the barriers to manipulate its price are. The penny stock markets are the Eldorado for pump and dump gamers. The small float allows even single scammers to play this game, but usually they operate concerted. Large cap stocks are also manipulated, namely by the big […]

Trend trading signals for a robust system

Following trading signals is the easiest system to profit in the markets, provided you have a good source. Trend trading can lead to the most robust trading systems. Put both together and you arrive at trend signals. The best trading system is most likely based on trend trading. But how to get good trend signals? […]

Zen trading penny stocks

Penny Stock Zen is the smartest of all trading systems for penny stocks. So, what is so smart about it? Nothing! …and that is exactly the Zen way of trading. Zen trading penny stocks means buy low and sell high. That sounds reasonable but also ridiculous. Let me explain. Buy low means buy when prices […]

The Zen trader and penny stocks

Penny Stock Zen is the trading system for penny stocks from the Zen Trader. We also have our own stock picking letter. It comes as a blog, free to subscribe and to read. Generally these stocks picks are geared towards the trader. This means we highlight larger stocks or ETFs and you have to know […]

Trading alerts for penny stocks

Welcome to this trading alert site that comes along with a new stock picking approach. Instead of trying to be too clever we trade the small cap markets statistically. Look at our basic trading system for penny stocks and decide yourself whether classic investing methods make more sense or not. Trading large stocks, where tons […]

The Zen trader

Trading like a Zen master is almost the opposite of Tau Trader’s standard trading method. Read about the penny stock master system and meditate a bit about it. We are serious with this system! Essentially the Zen trader is going to bottom fish for the momentum stock. Sounds really like Zen… By doing his bottom […]

Stock picks for shorting?

Is it wise to pick stocks just to short them? There are quite some experts out there doing nothing but that. It is probably much easier to be right with betting on worsening business conditions. Many death candidates have been investment zombies for years. For shorting experts, sort of negative investors, often a glance into […]

Penny stock picks

The Penny Stock Alerts site will try to shed some light on the theoretical side of picking stocks as a system for trend trading. We also have our own letter. It comes as a blog, free to subscribe and to read. Generally these stocks picks are geared towards the trader. This means we also highlight […]

Stock picks

The simplest way of making money in the markets is to have a good source of stock picks. This may sound primitive, but it is true. There are two main reasons: Stocks are the only investments that have the potential to easily double or more and generate a gain of some hundred percent. Other trading […]

Penny stock master system or Nokia the fallen angel

Since three weeks Nokia (NOK) rallied from its multiyear lows and almost doubled in price. Could this be the start of a broader comeback? The long-term chart shows even more clearly how big troubles for Nokia are. Since its intermediate high in 2007 the maker of cell phones is down by more than a factor […]

Baidu the growth momentum stock

Baidu (BIDU) just presented their quarterly earnings and beat the consensus nicely. The market responded accordingly and Baidu gapped up. The gap signals times of increased volatility may lie ahead. The long-term chart shows a phenomenal growth over the last years. Bottom (pink) and top (orange) line have been the dream of a growth investor […]

The best ETF trend trading method

Are ETFs for trend trading? Yes, even more than stocks, I would say. The ordered list of vehicles for trend trading looks like this: Growth stocks ETFs Stocks Commodities Currencies At times commodities make it to the first spot. Of course, even currencies may do that. So, why this attempt for a list? Growth stocks […]

True growth stocks

Cirrus Logic (CRUS) just made a new multiyear high. During the last quarters it got dragged up by Apple, its biggest customer. Apple’s success is also Cirrus’ current advantage, as it delivers chips that get assembled into Apple’s gadget devices. The dark side of this symbiosis is Apple’s tendency to replace component suppliers for each […]

Darvas reversed – Hit and Run for trend trading

Jeff Cooper’s Hit and Run trading system is still fascinating. Wait for some extraordinary move combined with a higher trading volume and enter the market. Chances are that something is going on there with a lasting effect. A trend may be establishing and you are in. There is another trading system possible – almost the […]

Penny stock picks

Penny stock markets are the eldorado for stock pickers. Enjoying a penny stock pick that explodes tenfold is like finding gold in the desert. There we are. Beyond the gold that it carried Eldorado was indeed a desert. Small stock markets are similar. Most of these stocks traded there are illiquid, forgotten or completely unknown. […]

Stock picks for statistical value investing

Stock picks are always for value investing, because stock pickers are no traders. Wrong! The stock picker is no prophet. He doesn’t know the future of a stock better than anybody else. What he tries to gauge is the potential of a stock. But whether its future lives up to its theoretical price potential or […]

Stock picks and no need to trade

We are picking a stock and there is no need to time the entry or exit? That sounds like a value investor having a vision and buying a stock to hold it indefinitely. The fools from Motley seem to have invented such a thing lately. But this site is about trends. Obviously we have a […]

Stock picks or trading signals?

For value investors stock picks are often buy and hold decisions. Traders like signals, systems, algorithms and trading robots. Both miss the biggest opportunity. The typical investor tends to ignore price action. He may end up as the buy and hope investor. Many traders concentrate on one or a few trading media. At its best […]

Stock picking robot vs trading automat

Is it a good idea to let a machine do the stock picking? It is no bad idea, but it could be done better. A machine is good in picking the entry spot and determine the exit. In other words, it can trade, buy at the right time, sell at the right time, statistically of […]

Stock picking vs swing trading

For this comparison of stock picking to swing trading the latter is about trading one thing and switching it from a long to a short position and back. That kind of swing trading is the opposite of picking something. Once it got picked, but then you stay with it. The obvious advantage of a stock […]

The best stock picking system

Many love to trade stock picks, but most don’t have ever thought about a system for that. Traders look for a good stock picking source and that’s it. Often the quality of the stock picks is judged by the fun it makes to read the recommendation. That is an antisystem! So, what is a useful […]

The perfect stock picker

Is perfection in stock picking possible? No, and it is not necessary. The more you are a stock picking trader than an investor hunting after dream stock picks, the less perfect your picks have to be. The buy and hold investor relies on what he picked. He has to. How much easier could his life […]

Stock picks vs Forex robots

What is the biggest advantage of stocks to Forex? Right, the huge number of stocks that are dwarfing a few currency pairs. Stock picking is not only about picking the one with the right fundamentals or the undervalued one. A stock pick can also be solely done on technical considerations. Trend or swing trading combined […]

Trading courses for trend investors

Welcome to this site. We are dealing here with trading courses. Why? Typically investors like to buy cheap. Of course, later they want to sell higher. In between could be a trend, or at least something similar, because the price must advance somehow. Investors and even value investors – those die hard TA critics – […]

Stock picks for trend traders

Welcome to tautrader.net, a new trend trading site trying to find systems for stock picking. It aims to be more analytical, investigating trading systems that have something to do with stock picks, checking out stock picking services and testing software for the stock market. So, while real stock picks and other trading ideas will get […]

Bottom fishing for the momentum stock

Sounds like a contradiction, but it can become reality. You just have to know where and how to search the high flying bottom bouncers. Of course, this “value momentum” trading system works only probabilistically. But that is the nature of trading anyway. So, where to look for these mysterious bottom momentum stocks? In the small […]

Riding the trend of momentum stocks

Trading the trend of momentum stocks is probably the fastest way to wealth. At least if you look for a relatively secure path to achieve this. We don’t count hazardous gambles like option plays or Forex martingales here. But small cap stock explosions without a real prior trend may offer another legit killer trading system. […]

Small cap stock monster trades

Penny stocks and trend trading, will that work? The problem for small cap stocks is the lack of continuous interest. Under such circumstances clear trends are rare. The reason is that money pours in with single thrusts and the gaps between them may be filled with terrific pullbacks. This trading pattern is not even inviting […]

Trading the stock index with positive slippage

Why stock index trading at all? Most stocks react to movements of the index, but they have a band of random noise overlaid. Trading the stock index is easier than trading the main tech stocks. While it may be a good strategy to get into growth stocks by using the index as a trading signal, […]

Penny stock signals

Trading signals are often associated with trading software and automation. But it doesn’t need to be a trading robot that is creating signals. A human being may also be sufficient. Perhaps he even outrivals his metal can cousin by a wide margin. It depends, namely on the trading environment. In the world of the large […]

Day trading and trend investing

Day trading together with trend investing. That is not day trading for trend investing, but the combination of both for diversification and a better usage of capital. The beauty is in principal that you could use intraday margin and be over night still safe with zero margin. A second advantage is the possibility to hold […]

Healing the demoralized trading mind

Traders seem often to be more struggling with the market or with themselves than celebrating their success. The media talks of the glamorous financial world and most people think these speculators make tons of money. The reality looks different. Trading is mostly a zero sum game and the larger players have generally advantages the small […]

Trend trading with ETFs

Are ETFs suited for trend trading? It depends, mainly on the time frame. In the short run some index or index-like ETFs may run smoother than individual stocks. A smooth run is the killer criterion for trend trading. Select a trending thing that runs without ripples and pullbacks and you have your trend riding horse. […]

The best penny stock picks

What are the best penny stock signals? Three ideas come to mind: Trading signals based on news Sophisticated TA signals with indicators Insider buying or selling All of them suck. News are often the base for real investment decisions, but in the small cap markets things are different. It is difficult to trade the news […]

How to win in the Forex market?

Every trader wants to know the answer to this, but unfortunately the question got asked wrong. A better wording would heave been, how to survive in Forex trading. Why? The Forex market is milking you, almost certainly, and the reason is noise plus slippage. If you are banking on chart patterns, you are lost, with […]

Trend day trading or taming the random demon

Intraday trends are hard to catch. That is the common wisdom of day traders and in their pain they try to do it more elaborate by spotting breakouts, chart formations and crossings of indicators. Oh no, that is the wrong day trading style! You are on the road to nowhere, at its best, or more […]

How to trade penny stocks?

The answer may astonish you. Penny stock trading is not rocket science. While stocks with a larger capitalization offer sophisticated analysis options, penny stock trading is as simple as it could be. The typical technical analysis that has their adepts guided to infamous wealth doesn’t work with low cap stocks. Order flow and liquidity comes […]

Index day trading

Day trading the stock market is exhausting and a suckers game. Right, at least for most of us. But there is a chance that you can learn to ride the short-term trend and tame the random beast. Two methods come to mind immediately: Either wait for news during the market session, bet on it and […]

Index autotrading

Two good ideas fused into one may become a great idea. Stock market indices are known to behave like “friendly stocks”. Their swings are often smoother than those of individual stocks and their intraday open and close runs are often more predictable. Autotrading the stock market is the undervalued weapon of modern trading. Autotrading is […]

Trading in the zone

Trading in the zone of success. What is it? It is simply this – being in sync with the market. And how to do it? Ahh,… that is the problem. The first method is the cyclical one. Watch the market and run all waves up and down with it. Easier said than done. There are […]

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